CDE is Open Source

Today the classic, and old, Common Desktop Environment (a.k.a. CDE) was released into the Open Source world.

You can get the very alpha version at SourceForge.

I haven’t been able to get a running version by now, but I keep trying.

Good job, guys.

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git status in the prompt

Working with git a lot I decided I needed some git status in my prompt. I searched the web and some solutions where almost what I wanted and this one by Sebastian Celis came very close. But it didn’t work with my version of zsh, because that didn’t seem to understand the =~ operator. I also think Sebastian makes things over complicated and so I changed some things aroud. This is what I came up with: [Read More]
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New version of We-Blog

Today I released version 0.8 of We-Blog. I created a Google project and a Google discussion group. Version 0.8 is now the stable branch and 0.9 the development branch. What’s new? Well, to be really honest, not that much. I fixed some minor bugs and did a lot of code cleanup. Although the original code of Jaromir was very nice, there was some room for improvement. I removed a lot of double functions and variables and put them all together in a We. [Read More]
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Finding key codes on Linux

It often happens that I get into a situation where I need to know key codes of pressed keys. On my Mac that’s simple. Just use the Key Codes by Many Tricks. But on Linux I constantly was trying to find out which key produced what. So I ended up writing a program for that. I started of in the shell, but that ended up being rather tricky and unnecessary complicated. [Read More]
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Shell tip

During one of my teaching sessions a student asked me if it was possible to find the number of spaces in a variable. As with all questions in Linux and UNIX the answer is a simple Of course that’s possible. In UNIX and Linux everything is possible. With some sed or awk this can be done within seconds. But I wanted it done completely within the shell, in this case bash. [Read More]
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New header

Today I’ve posted a new version of the header program.

Nothing really fancy happened, just added support for zonefiles, in this case the Bind ones.

It’s available at the usual places.

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sed tips and tricks

I’m creating a Puppet Starter Kit with some standard manifests included and a complete set of documentation. All documentation should be written in Markdown and will be served by Markdoc. But I want to generate all Markdown files from the Puppet manifests, so I only need to document the manifest file. Generating the Markdown is not that difficult, except that I kept ending up with empty lines at the top of the manifest code and I wanted to get rid of those. [Read More]
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Puppet updates

When working with Puppet and a VCS (like git and SVN) it’s nice to have a simple way of updating the Puppet tree. My tree is always in /etc/puppet and owned by user and group puppet. User puppet is allowed to checkout the complete tree from git or subversion. I have created two one-liners to update the complete tree and make sure all rights are still correct. update_svn #!/bin/bash # update_svn su - puppet -c 'cd /etc/puppet; svn up; cd doc; . [Read More]

Eeepc battery script for 2.6.24 AND 2.6.25

category: "" The new kernel for the EeePC (2.6.25) has deprecated the /proc/acpi/battery interface, so I had to write a new script for use in my own zsh prompt. The script will work in both 2.6.24 and 2.6.25, so without further ado, here it is. It is written as a function for easy inclusion in any prompts. #!/bin/zsh bat() { PROC=/proc/acpi/battery/BAT0 SYS=/sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/uevent STATE= # dc: design capacity, rc: remaining capacity if [ -f $PROC/info ] then STATE=$PROC/state # 2. [Read More]