secured with DNSSEC

Last week I wrote that I asked the .nl TLD maintainers to add the DS records for to the .nl zone.

And yesterday the big moment was there.

Have a look.

![Secure DNS for](/images/pa1ton-dnssec.png)

I just verified this with SIDN and I am number 7 on the list of DNSSEC secured domains in the Netherlands.

Wow, that’s really quick! ;-)



Some time ago I blogged that my zones are signed and now it’s possible to add the DS key to the .nl zone. This still is a manual process, but I opted in with my domain. The .com TLD isn’t signed yet, so the is still to be done. I also updated some scripts and things to make it work better ;-) First I need the ZSK and KSK and I generate them like this: [Read More]

DNSSEC for and

Last night (Aug. 22 2010 at 00:25:47) SIDN signed the Dutch .nl zone and made it public. This is, of course, reason for a party and calls for the signing of my own zones. Unfortunately it’s not possible to use secure delegation, but that’s something for the future. I do have two domains up and running and I signed them both. This is what I did: First you need a Zone Signing Key (ZSK) and a Key Signing Key (KSK) and these can be made with [Read More]