Contest is over

Last weekend we participated in the IARU HF championship and we where active for the full 24 hours. We used my own call pa1ton. Being a very small gun (1 transmitter, two antennas and only 100 watts) we decided that we could have a lot of fun not racing for the points, but trying to work stations we never worked before. In the end we had 384 QSO’s, which isn’t that much. [Read More]

We are ready for it

Next weekend it’s IARU contest time again. With pa1pat and Coen we will setup a portable station again, as we have always done. Using an Icom IC746 and a FD5 longwire of about 80 meters long we try to have lots of fun during the contest. Our goal is to reach over 500 QSO’s in the 24 hour long contest using the single TX and only 100W. The contest starts on 2011-07-09 1200UTC and runs for 24 hours. [Read More]