Ode to the Haggis

Hendrik Jan Thomassen not only sent me the tail of Haggis hunting but also a nice ancient poem as an ode to Haggis. Here it is: The haggis season has begun and all over Scotland every gun Is taken down with loving care Though some prefer the haggis snare The haggis are a wiley lot That’s why they are so seldom shot Then hidden in the highland heather Great hairy Clansmen crouch together [Read More]

How to hunt the Haggis

Most people are familiar with my love of Scotland, single malt and (of course) haggis. But most people do not have a clue what haggis is and when you tell them, they walk out in disgust. But a colleague of mine found out that haggis is just an animal that can be hunted in the Scottish Highlands. This is how it’s done: …..asked me how the haggis were hunted so I explained that there were two types of haggis, who, because they lived on the steep slopes of the Scottish Highlands, developed legs of different lengths on their left and right sides depending upon which way they travelled round the mountain to graze. [Read More]

Those funny technicians

I hope the work is done more serious as the reporting.

Check report


Being bored

Every once in while everybody gets bored a bit. And what does a nerd/geek do when bored? Yes, he will write a bogus man page for some non-existing Linux feature. Read my man page about the happy yes device. The yes device Appendix A: The "yes device" man page A.1 NAME yes - The yes device A.2 SYNOPSIS The yes device (and it's ascendants) produces a constant flow of positive answers. [Read More]

Buy nice packaging

On the German eBay i found a lot of these.

Buy my iPod/iPhone/etc packaging. Nothing in it, just the box.

I still have got a lot of them in the attic, so maybe I should open an eBay account ;-)

First shot

Second shot

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Google can tell time?

Today I made a ‘cut and paste’ error and ended up Googling for the word “Time”. This is not a great deal, but the result surprised me:

Google Time

They even know where I am!!

Entering things like “Time India” even gave the correct results. Nice.