Burning VIDEO_TS on OSX

I was trying to burn a folder with a VIDEO_TS directory onto a DVD. But in a way that it will start in a normal DVD player as well as starting automagically. And this all had to be done on Apple’s OSX. I googled a little and tried some things and this is what I can up with: hdiutil makehybrid -udf \ -udf-volume-name DVD_NAME \ -o MY_DVD.iso \ /path/to/VIDEO_TS/parent/folder Make sure that /path/to/VIDEO_TS/parent/folder is the path to the folder containing the VIDEO_TS folder, not the VIDEO_TS folder itself. [Read More]

pdfPres package created

To present PDF slides on Linux I use pdfPres. But when I want to use this on OS X Lion, this doesn’t work. So I created an OS X Lion package for pdfPres.

This is only tested on OS X Lion and it does require XQuartz.

Please, download the pdfPres package and test it.

Update to OS X Lion

Last Friday I decided it was time to update my MacBook to OS X Lion. So I went to the app-store and donated my 23.99 euros to Apple. The download was fast, very fast, if you consider how many people where downloading at that same moment. After the download I first made a copy of the installer files, because I read that the installer throws these files away after installation. And, of course, I made a full backup with Time Machine. [Read More]