FreeBSD PXE boot Part 2

Some posts ago I wrote that I was busy to find out how a FreeBSD machine can be PXE-ed from a Linux server. Well, I found that some time ago, but I didn’t have the time to type it here, yet. Well, as always, once you know how it’s done, it’s quite simple. But because a lot of the FreeBSD documentation is very old (talking about FreeBSD 4, 5 and 6) it takes some time to find it all. [Read More]

Why does Puppet keep breaking?????

In my previous post I stipulated that I was PXE booting FreeBSD. Well this works and I will come back on that. But for the configuration I want to run Puppet. Nice and easy config management. On my server I run Puppet from source. This because the server is a CentOS box with a very old Ruby and Puppet. So I decided to run the Puppet client from source as well. [Read More]

FreeBSD PXE Boot

At the moment I’m busy PXE booting a FreeBSD server of a Linux (Ubuntu) machine. I’ve got that running and now I only need to autoinstall Puppet to perform the configuration.

I’ll keep you posted.